Have gourmet meals or specialty sandwiches DELIVERED right to your door! Gourmet to Go Lunchboxes delivers corporate lunches and home delivery from our menu.

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Please place your order by phone or fax by 4 p.m. of the day before you want the delivery, or e-mail it at order@lepiceriegourmande[dot]com
· For large orders (30+) we require your order 48 hours in advance.
· All orders must be prepaid at the time they are placed.
· If your order is faxed, we will call you to confirm delivery details.
· Orders will be delivered the following day. Delivery times are between 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., if you need an earlier delivery, please call us and we’ll try to arrange it. Please check the Delivery Information tab for details
· Sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control, it is possible that deliveries could arrive 15 minutes before, or 15 minutes after your preferred time.
· Sales are final, we regret we cannot accommodate cancellations or returns.

Our driver will send a delivery confirmation when leaving the location.

In case of emergency, if you can’t receive the delivery last minute, please accommodate a cooler for us outside
to leave your items .We cannot take back the prepaid merchandise.

We deliver Lunch Box items to the following postal codes:
Vancouver: V5K, V5L, V5M, V5N, V5P, V5R, V5S, V5T, V5V, V5W, V5X, V5Y, V5Z, V6A, V6B, V6C, V6E, V6G, V6H, V6J, V6K, V6L, V6M, V6N, V6P, V6R, V6S, V6T, V6Z, V7Y, V7X.
Richmond: V6X, V6Y, V7C, V7B, V6W, V6V, V7A, V7E.